Mytee Lite 8070  ​Best Price Guaranteed!!


Hot Water Extractor
Get a clean carpet effortlessly with the convenience of a Mytee Lite Hot Water extractor. This popular model features an on-board heater for efficient cleaning performance. An ideal choice for both upholstery spotting and detailing jobs. Specially designed water-resistant switches add protection against dust and water intrusion.

1,000-watt in-line heater produces hot water to quickly break up grease and dirt
Single 3-stage HP motor 
4-gallon capacity tanks
Faucet fill hose for easy fill solution tank
Recovery tank drain
Compact size and easy-push handle for easy transportation and storage
Optional floor wand for versatility to clean small carpeted areas
Parts Include:
15′ vacuum and internal solution hose 
8400P Air Lite upholstery tool
Heatguard hosewrap, made of neoprene material
Easy-push handle with convenient storage basket
A110 Drain Hose
Water Resistant Switches: Water resistant switches add protection against dust and water intrusion.
Locking Casters: Locking casters provide stabilization and prevents any unwanted movement.
Lighted Power Cords: Lighted power cords indicator plug glows when the cord has power.
Cuff-Lynx Ready: Cuff-Lynx provide an easy connection for vacuum hoses..